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The Organizers invite psychologists, health care professionals, academics and researchers from all fields of applications and backgrounds to submit papers to the 2016 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology (SCAP).

Abnormal psychology

Adolescents’ Health Psychology

Applied Cognitive Psychology

Applied Gerontology

Applied Social Psychology

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Behavior and Motor Control

Biological psychology

Biologically Motivated Computer Vision

Brain Science and Education

Cells and Synapses

Clinical & Community Psychology

Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical psychology

Cognition and Action

Cognition and Cognitive Development

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory and Cognition

Cognitive psychology

Community psychology

Computational Neuroscience

Counseling psychology

Cross-cultural and indigenous psychology

Developmental psychology

Disasters Management

Economic Psychology

Education in Math, Science, and Technology

Educational and school psychology

Educational psychology

Educational, Instructional & School Psychology

Environmental psychology

Experimental psychology

Family psychology

Forensic psychology

Gender and sexuality

Genes, Molecules, Channels and Receptors

Health psychology

Human Relations Factors

Industrial and organizational psychology

Language and Conceptual Systems

Learning Complex Motor Tasks

Learning, Memory and Neural Development

Medical psychology and psychotherapy

Memory and Thought

Metaphors in Language and Thought

Military and forensic psychology

Neural Theory of Language and Thought


Neuropsychological Studies of Mind and Brain

Organizational psychology

Perception and Attention

Perceptual Organization in Vision

Personality and individual differences

Political Psychology

Positive Psychology

Professional Practice

Professional training and supervision


Psychological Assessment & Evaluation

Psychological research methodology

Psychology & the Law

Psychology and Societal Development

Psychology in business and economics


School and Educational Psychology

Sensory Systems and Perception

Social and Cultural Issues

Social psychology

Spatial Cognition

Sport Psychology

Statistical inference, and the learning theory

Theory and Computation

Traffic Psychology

Understanding Explanatory Coherence

Authors will be notified of the selection results by email and will receive all technical information and presentation instructions prior to the Conference.



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