Sponsor Spotlight: Psihologija journal

At the 2023 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology ‘LIVE’, we are thrilled to partner with industry leaders who share our passion for advancing the field of applied psychology. In this sponsor spotlight, we highlight the Psihologija journal, published by the Serbian Psychological Society, which has consistently demonstrated a commitment to driving innovation and collaboration within the realm of psychology.

1. A brief overview of the Psihologija journal.

Psihologija journal is published by the Serbian Psychological Society. It was founded in 1967 by the Serbian Psychological Association. Psihologija is a scholarly open access, no-fee, peer-reviewed journal published quarterly. Psihologija is currently referenced in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI, IF for 2021 – 1,234), Scopus (CiteScore for 2021 – 1,9), EBSCO, Directory of Open Access Journals, and a number of other journal directories.

2. How does your Psihologija journal’s mission align with Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology’s objectives?

Psihologija Journal is an internationally recognized journal, whose mission is for science to be available to everyone. This is in alignment with SCAP conference’s objectives since it also is an international conference inclusive of all psychological-scientific audiences.

3. Your view on how your sponsorship benefits both your organization and our conference attendees.

This sponsorship is beneficial for both parties. In the case of the Psihologija journal, the SCAP conference attendees will know about our journal – if they have not heard of it already – and this will likely lead to an even higher number of high-quality papers submitted. In the case of the SCAP conference, the readers, and authors of Psihologija journal will hear and possibly attend your conference. Meaning, the benefit for both parties is a larger network. 

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